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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Self-Storage?
Self-storage is a simple storage solution. With Big & Red you only pay for what you need. It’s safe, secure, clean and flexible.
If you are moving home, need extra storage space or a growing business; we have a range of units from 10sq ft to 250 sq ft.

Who can use self-storage?
Anybody and everybody. Everybody needs storage at sometime; from archive storage to christmas decorations we will have a unit to suit your needs.

How much space do I need?
Please feel free to use our online space calculator or alternatively call our reception team for a no obligation discussion. We would be pleased to help you work out not only how much space you need but also the best combination of rooms vs crates depending on your accessibility needs to all or part of your items.

Can I look at the units before I rent?
Yes, just call into our branch and our staff will be more than happy to give you a guided tour to show the various options available.

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Crates and/or Rooms

What big is the mobile storage crate?
Comparable to a garden shed. The external dimensions are 7ft 2” (L) x 5ft 2”(W) x 7ft (H). Approximately 245 cubic feet . The same as a 37 square foot room. You can use as many as you need.

Do I qualify for FREE collection and delivery?
We offer free collection and delivery on crate number 3 and over. (Charges apply to the first crate at £56.70 incl VAT and the second crate at £28.35 incl VAT). This is great value for money given the fact that you dont need to organise any other transport.

How does Mobile Self Storage differ from Traditional Self -Storage?
Mobile self storage is essentially a wooden shed on wheels that we deliver to your premises in a trailer. We leave the trailer in a convenient spot outside your premises. You load it then we return for it and take it back to our secure warehouse for storage. When you wish to have your unit returned, just call or e-mail us and we will return it to your specified location. Additional benefits are no additional van hire costs, and not running backwards and forwards to load and unload, saving you time, effort and money.

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Packing, Unit Loading

Can you help me to load the Mobile Storage Crate?
Yes, we can help assist with the loading.

Do you undertake removals?
Not for Self storage, however we are happy to assist with loading with crate storage. Please ask at reception about our competitive price structure

Do you provide packing materials?
Yes, we offer a wide range packing materials that can be purchased from our branch reception.

What about my hanging clothes?
We can provide portable hanging wardrobes, just transfer your clothes from your wardrobe onto the rails of the portable wardrobe; usually two portable rails will be sufficient for one single wardrobe.

What if I have heavy/bulky items?
We provide a range of pallet trucks, trolleys free of charge. Fork lift service available at an extra cost.

I have a delivery/collection; do I have to be there?
No, just let us know that you are expecting a delivery and we will receive your delivery for you, we will even
lock your delivery into your unit for you, (providing we have your permission and you have a key on file)

Is there anything that I cannot store?
You cannot store any illegal items, inflammable or perishable goods. If you are storing anything that requires fuel, then it must be drained of fuel prior to storing.

What is the best way to utilise my space?
It’s better to plan your storage space, place the items that you may need close to the front. Use uniform sized cartons (it’s better to use a good quality as you don’t want a collapsed box, quality boxes can be purchased from reception) Fill the boxes, but don’t overload them, remember you still have to lift them. Stack lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes, remember that space inside wardrobes – this can be filled with smaller items. Make an inventory of your boxes and mark breakables with “FRAGILE” tape.(Available at reception.

What is the best way to pack my breakables?

It is best to wrap individually. Plates are best stored on edge and not flat. Cups and bowls can be wrapped and placed inside each other. Packing paper and Bubble wrap plastic can be purchased from our reception. Remember to use good quality cartons! (also available at reception)

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Access & Security

What does it cost to obtain access to my effects?
Nothing, you can access your goods as often as you like with nothing extra to pay.

Can I access my crates and rooms 24 hours per day 7 days per week?
The rooms are accessible 24/7 (even when the office is shut). The crates can be made accessible in our main warehouse during office hours by giving us atleast 24 hours notice. Our branch is open 6 days per week. Monday to Friday 7.30am until 6pm and Saturday 8am until 4pm.

Are there parking facilities at the storage centre?
Yes, our storage centres have free parking spaces outside for your convenience.

What about locks?
You can bring your own padlock to lock your unit; alternatively padlocks can be purchased from reception starting at just £7.50.

Who holds the key(s) to my storage unit(s)?
You are the sole keyholder to your unit whether it is a room or a crate; unless you wish to nominate another authorised representative, we can hold a key on your file should you wish.

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If I decide to rent a unit how much notice do I need to give you?
None, you can choose to rent immediately or you can reserve a unit at a cost of £20 per reservation.

What paperwork is needed and do I need legal advice?
We ask that you complete a simple license agreement and declaration with our branch manager. You do not require a solicitor. We we require photo ID, Passport or Driving Licence & a utility bill carrying proof of their current address

What is the minimum rental period?
You can rent your unit from a minimum of one week, for as long as you like, all we ask is one weeks notice of vacation.

Do I have to extend my household insurance cover?
We can provide insurance cover free of charge upto the value of £1000. Should you wish to have additional cover you are more than welcome to source your Insurance. Most household insurance policies will allow you to transfer cover to your stored items, subject to notice.

Do I have to pay any additional costs (electric, rates etc)?
All you have to pay is the monthly unit rental and insurance, no other charges will be made for electric, rates, service charge etc.

How can I pay?
When you set up your account we will take the first payment by credit or debit card, we will then ask for your bank details so that we can set up a direct debit mandate. It couldn’t be easier & this the best way of paying your storage fees as it saves you having to visit us to pay in person. A direct debit form will be completed at the same time as the licence agreement.

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I have a business with too much stock can you help?
We can provide a full range of sizes for your requirements, you can even change the size of unit should your needs alter. If we don’t have a stock unit big enough we have the capacity to build one to your exact specification in our main warehouse from 251 – 20,000 sq feet !! Please ask for a quote tailored to your exact needs.

I need warehouse space and also an office.
No problem! We have a range of larger sized units and also office space. We can offer fax and photocopying service, even a mailbox should you need one.

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Service & Support

What if I experience a problem?
Our staff are there to help, if you have any problems please do not hesitate to speak to one of our team. Andy, Daniel or Gary are waiting to receive your call.

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